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Friday, January 29, 2010

HK Style Porridge and Yong Tau Foo at Khong Kee Restaurant, PJ Paramount

I have to apologize for the absence of more than 2 weeks from my blog. Finally, I'm married (not without the chaos in the wedding ceremony), back from sun-scorching myself in Bali and look like Pocahontas. Now it's really a critical time to clear my back logs before moving on to post on my Bali trip.

This is probably my favourite porridge in Klang Valley and CS's favourite Yong Tau Foo despite the fact that he don't usually eat Yong Tau Foo. We decided to find this shop after watching the TV show Ho Jiak about 2 years ago. How on earth I enjoyed the porridge for 2 years and yet I didn't blog about it, remains a mystery.

The HK style porridge (around RM4.50) with century egg, dried oyster, cuttlefish, nuts and mushrooms is their signature menu. The grains were cooked so well into smooth porridge full with flavours from its ingredients.

A glance at its Curry Chee Cheong, you might think that it's quite spicy but it's not. The curry gravy is very much alike to the one we would usually get on top of our 'economic' mee or mee hoon.

The Yong Tau Foo were mostly around the price of RM1 per piece, slightly more expensive than others but it's worth it, since they are quite generous with the fish paste on them. I was very happy when I found my favourite type of Yong Tau Foo (quite hard to find this) which is the hard boil egg, cut into half, filled up with the fish paste and finally deep fried till crunchy on the outside.

Direction : It is opposite of Giant in Taman Paramount, a few shops away from Goldview Hakka Restaurant. Detailed map can be seen at Goldview Restaurant post. Khong Khee is only open for morning and noon.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hon Kee Porridge, PJ Uptown

Ho ho ho.. good new, but you probably had known it already.. Hon Kee Porridge now has a branch in PJ Uptown! It's good to know that we won't have to drive all the way to Petaling Street to have the pipping hot porridge.

I didn't have the chance to peek at the menu during our previous visit to Petaling Street. There's a few more types of porridge that I've yet to try, which means... more visits in future.

I was really tempted to pop these raw fish slices into my mouth just like the way I eat sashimi, but of course it's not recommended. The raw fish was meant to be mixed into the porridge.

Another specialty porridge in Hon Kee is the pork porridge (with innards) which I enjoyed it as much as the fish porridge, while CS stared at me and keep giving me the disgusted face just because I ate the pis's tongue. I have seriously considered to eat as much tongue as possible and then give him the ultimate 'death kiss' just to disgust him more.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kian Oon (Jien An) Pork Porridge, Batu Pahat

A check on my camera told me that I had a lot of backlogs to clear, while i'm really vexed about my P1 Wimax connection. It totally refresh my memory of the days when we had to use dial up internet connections. Even the post before this - Howling at the New Moon (which was suppose to be my effort to win a pair of premiere tickets) took me a whole night to post. Frustration.. Frustration.

I still have a few Batu Pahat signature food that I had yet to introduce and here's another oldest porridge outlet other than Kang Foo porridge (which I had blogged about before) - Kian Oon.

When I was a kid, it used to be a small stall at a back lane, and we had to sit by the roadside to enjoy porridge. Later the business was taken over by the son and til today, they maintained a shop right beside the small lane. Since the shop was just a few steps away from Batu Pahat main market, it basically started its daily business as early as 6am.

The tricky part to tryout the porridge (or what we had tried and believe) is that the porridge taste the best during the earliest morning and tends to get blander as the sun rise high above. Strange right? So when we managed to get back to Batu Pahat one Saturday morning at 7am, this was the first place we rushed to.

Pork porridge is the only food available here but we can choose whether to have eggs to it or not. Our normal fare of porridge with minced and sliced pork, liver and eggs were great with very pleasant meaty taste complement by the taste of 'tung choi' (a kind of preserved vegetables).

The porridge were soft but the grains were mostly still intact and recognisable, another point that differentiate it from Klang Valley's porridges. Eggs were added into the bowl and hot porridge will be poured over it to cook it, so do not be surprised when you see half cooked eggs in the porridge.

Again, eating in Batu Pahat is seldom expensive and each porridge is around RM3 only depending on adding eggs or no eggs or any extra meat. Another plus point to have pork in Batu Pahat is that they don't smell as awful other porks in Klang Valley.

Hmm... I guess I have to draw another batch of Batu Pahat map soon to point to this place soon.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hon Kee Fish Porridge, Petaling Street

It was one good Saturday morning when I dragged CS out of the bed and insisted he drove all the way to Petaling Street. The traffic was wonderful as most people had traveled out of Klang Valley for the National Day holiday. What a good timing!

After praying for a safe trip to Hong Kong (our departure date was 14th day of Ghost Month!, we headed to Petaling Street for the well known Hon Kee Porridge. I was a little worried as it was said to be so highly demanded that we might not be able to find a seat at 10am.

Hon Kee, is just a few step away from Kuan Kee wanton noodles across Hong Leong Bank. I missed it a few times because they have already started cleaning and tidying up. As recommended by vkeong, we asked for the San Yu Chok (Raw Fish Porridge).

I had knew what's to expect, but CS (I purposely did not tell him anything) was awed - "Wow, you brought me here to eat sashimi with porridge?" The fish were sliced thinly and served raw with the porridge. It comes together with ginger shreds and parsley and all you need to do is pour all the ingredients into the porridge, stir and hardly any waiting needed for it to be cooked.

The fish gave the porridge a taste of absolute freshness.

It turns out the fish slices were not the only surprise here but the dough stick as well. They were very crunchy, very unlike others that were usually too tough to bite.

As this was tried out before my HK trip, I had forgot how much this porridge cost us. It's basically around RM6 - RM7 per bowl which is a very good deal.