Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seapark Nasi Lemak / P.J Ibumie

Anyone who lives in PJ will never be new to this Seapark Nasi Lemak stall (the official name being P.J Ibumie), famous for its Nasi Lemak with fried chicken or mutton curry. Since I had it years ago, their price had not fluctuated much though we noticed the portion is slightly smaller nowadays.

It's a nice place to get a sinful cheap dose of Nasi Lemak as long as you overlook the hygiene aspect a little bit but then again, which Nasi Lemak stall or shop that really provides clean environment, unless you're paying more than RM8 for it?

THe rice itself is quite forgettable and the main draws are the crunchy fried chicken and the tender mutton. Both are very flavorful that add extra value to the nasi lemak.

Their chicken was very similiar to chinese style Nam Yu Fried Chicken.

Location: In PJ Seapark right opposite of Seapark Market building, behind Maybank. It is actually sharing the same spot with one of my favourite - Seapark Bak Kut Teh.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nambawan, Taman Sri Manja PJ

I first heard of it in masak-masak blog and thought it's a Thai restaurant but then.. it serves western food. OK, so it's a Thai western food restaurant. Wait.. doesn't it sounds like Number One? Putting the confusion aside, I think it's just a normal western food with a 'special' name.

Advice 1 : Reach there early, preferably before 6.30pm if you're going for dinner.

We meant to go there at 6.30pm but with a little hiccups here and there, we only managed to be there at around 8, which by this time, the restaurant was already packed with customers.

Advice 2 : Don't bath or wash your hair before you eat there.

Although the shop was supposed to be well ventilated with a big front door and an even bigger back door, the smoke and smell still filled up the restaurant like crazy.

Advice 3 : Be extra patient.

Surprise! I was exceptionally patient on that day, which is a blessing to the restaurant and my companions. Nambawan is probably just made a name for itself thanks to the feature in The Star and recommendations from a few bloggers, resulted in the terribly understaffed situation. Hence we had to take the menu ourselves and on the third time of calling for the lady that we finally got her attention. Stop gesturing the "wait-a-moment" signal to us!

Advice 4 : Bring some mags or books so you can pass your time.

We waited for more than an hour for our food to arrive and there were at least 2 groups who had reached their boiling point and decided to ditch their food.

OK.. enough about the situation. Let's move on to the food.

Pork burger @RM6.90 The pork burger was the highlight of the day (but we wondered why the cheapo burger bun bought from supermarkets?), eventhough my heart still with the burgers from Ribs@Oasis.

Their beef burger were usually priced at RM6.90 but the lady explained that they're using tenderloin for that day which racked up the price to RM9.90. Beef burger itself was decent although not as nice as the pork.

Combo mix grill was catered for those who can't make up their mind what to it, providing the choice of chicken, lamb (or beed) and pork in one dish. The lamb and the chicken were a bit charred amidst the chaos and all the sauces seemed to be on the salty side.

Pork fillet was an extra because it was already served in the combo mix grill. It was decent but certainly not the best.

Nambawan is definitely one of those restaurants where you can get decent western food without burning a hole in your pocket, though patience is a crucial requirement. Our meal came up to only RM66 in exchange for 3 full stomaches.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yi Xin Bak Kut Teh, Kota Damansara

Yi Xin Ge is one Bak Kut Teh which is frequently mentioned and recommended in the world of blogs. When there's one shop that began with the word 'Yi Xin' I spontaneously thought it to be a new branch by Yi Xin Ge and rushed in without thinking.

Yi Xin can be easily spotted in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara facing one of the main road across from The Strands area, far opposite of Hailam kopitiam. Like any other new food place (except some very blessed ones), Yi Xin did not have much customers when we got there yesterday.

We called this onion rice because there were some nice smelling fried onions in it.

Like the bak kut teh in PJ Old Town, beancurbs, mushrooms and other extras were served in separate bowls.

Our 'cham' bak kut teh reminds us of Batu Pahat bak kut teh. Unlike Klang ones that were usually stronger in flavour dominated by pork fats and soy sauce taste, Yi Xin bak kut teh is much lighter. The soup is just slightly murky from the herbs and more lean meat were given instead of fatty meat. It's not a bad idea if we could turn away from the usual fats loaded bak kut teh and opt for this 'healthier' version once in a while.

Still, the question; are they connected to Yi Xin Ge in People's Park? I don't know because you might have notice I'm not the chatty type and never have the talent of easily hitting it off with strangers.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ah Hwa Hokkien Mee, PJ Jalan 222

S.O.S! S.O.S! I seriously need some recommendations of hawker food around PJ. Whenever I tried to have some hawker food, I always turned back to my usual spots. I guess... a leopard can't its spot. It took me a while to remember this Ah Hwa Hokkien Mee in PJ 222.

With a few other stalls offering apam balik, fried lala, lo bak and popiah, this is definitely a good place to have dinner or probably an early supper too.

I'm a wa tan hor lover, which made me order for one even though hokkien mee is the more popular choice here. Hence, being a wah tan hor lover, I set a pretty much standard when it comes to wah tan hor. Sadly, the WTH served here is just average for me.

Now I remember why we haven't been here for a long time. The last time we dined here, CS a.k.a the Hokkien Mee King wasn't too happy with the hokkien mee. No surprise, he still manage to pick a few things with Ah Hwa's hokkkien mee - too salty, not much ingredients etc etc. For my part, I think it's manageable but I feel the boric acid is a little bit strong.

Direction: Easiest way is coming from Federal Highway. From the direction of Shah Alam heading turn left after passing the Avon, Naza and other automobile retail on your left. After passing a BHP and RHB center turn right at the traffic light. Ah Hwa hokkien mee in on your right which you have to turn into the road or make a U turn to find parking.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ah Sang Bak Kut Teh, Sg. Way Petaling Jaya

You might have notice that I had been really slow in updating my blog. I have my reasons – I’m still saving money for my supposedly UK trip for next year, trying to make it happen with my pitiable paycheck, which is why I stay away from any food that will cost me above RM10. Besides I’m on a strict diet with this meal replacement plan:

My breakfast and dinner. That’s not all. I have to munch healthy sandwiches or salads to make my diet successful. I hold on to my diet for one whole week until last Sunday, I decided I need a dose of iron mineral from pork ….. in form of Bak Kut Teh.:p

This is our first trying out Ah Sang Bak Kut Teh, something that we had postponed for too long. Truth was Taman Bahagia and Sg Way area is like a maze to us, with its so many one way streets. It wasn’t difficult to spot the shop except … we’re on the opposite road and we drove a few rounds before we can finally parked in front of it.

We ordered a ‘cham’ (mixed with meat and innards) but all the enoki mushrooms, taufu pok and beancurb skin were to be ordered separately. Even before our order came, I was already drooling from the fragrance that filled the air. The soup was aromatic, rich with herbal and spices taste and the meat were cooked till soft. There’s a likeable sweetness in it that I suspect is from the Yuk Chuk. They actually put in 2 pieces of pig’s trotters that I enjoyed very much.

The bill for 2 came up to a standard RM24 with 3 rice.
P/s: will try to upload a map soon, once I remember how to get there.