Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dim Sum Buffet, Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

“Once upon a time, a tamciakpo received an email in her office. It says, “All You Can Eat Dim Sum” at Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. She forwarded the message to her gluttony partner, and within minutes, received a call from CS. Consequently, their fate was sealed because CS had already booked for it. Ho ho ho!”

So there we were at Dynasty Restaurant of Renaissance Hotel on last Sunday, right at 10 am. Just before the buffet, there was confusion. CS remembered the buffet is at Dynasty Hotel while I thought it’s at Renaissance. We rechecked the email and it was at Dynasty Restaurant in Renaissance Hotel. No wonder we were confused.

If you’ve ever been to West Lake Restaurant of Sunway Resort Hotel, this Dynasty is smaller and without much view from the windows. ‘Tie Kwan Yin’ was not available, so we settled for ‘Xiang Pian’ tea. A polite staff came to brief us that steamed items will be served by them, while we can get the fried items, porridge and tau foo fah from the buffet table. I was a little bit disappointed when there’s no other items like sashimi, oyster and desserts served like in West Lake. But come to think of it, without any promotion, dim sum buffet in WL will have cost more than RM60 per person.

I started with a few fried items, mostly the spring rolls, fried yam with meat fillings, a dumpling-like items. The spring rolls did not impress us and they left some ‘oily’ feeling in my mouth after eating them. On the other hand, the fried yam and the ‘dumpling’ were not bad.

Just like in a dimsum shop, the waiters will hand carry the bamboo basket of dimsum for you to choose. Great, cause we don’t have to order and wait and wait. Their service is good and they frequented our table a lot to see if we need to replenish.

Har Kow (prawn dumplings) is very mouth-watering and ‘compact’ with prawn meat. Its skin is soft yet does not easily fall apart. How do I rate it? We have 5 servings (4X5= 20 pieces!) of har kow on that day, so what do you think? Action speaks louder than words!

Their Siu Mai (meat dumpling) were big and juicy with mixture of pork and prawns.

Char Siew buns. I have to wonder how they make all the food so soft. It’s just too bad the char siew fillings were a bit sweet for my likings.

Glutinous rice in Lotus Leaf. Despite its plain looks, I have to give a thumb up for it. The glutinous rice were thoroughly cooked and soft with right amount of meat chunks, chopped dried oysters and dried prawns to add to the taste.

Chee Cheong Fan, not bad but could be better with more char siew.

Nothing special with these fishballs.

For porridge, we had choice of either chicken porridge or pork porridge with preserved eggs. Like the Glutinuous Rice, they look bland but were as good as other dim sum.

A big flaw to our dim sum session is this Phoenix Claw (Chicken Feet), which is unacceptably oily. My ultra sensitive throat went a bit cranky after I consumed it.
Tau Foo Fah and Sea Coconut Longan to the rescue of my cranky sore throat!

The all you can eat was priced at RM22++ per person, tea at RM5 per person. Our bill came up to RM62.10. I did a calculation on whether is it worth it or not compared to normal ala carte dim sum:

Let’s say the usual price for each serving is RM3.

Har kow (5 X RM3) = RM15
Siu Mai (3 X RM3) = RM9
Pearl Chicken (1 X RM6) = RM6
Phoenix Claw (1 X RM3) = RM3
Char Siew buns (small size)(3XRM1) = RM3
Fishballs (1 X RM3) = RM3
Porridge (2 X RM2.50) = RM5
Fried items = RM6
Tea = RM7

Total = RM56 without any tax.

Yes, you can get the exact things at normal eateries, but still I’ll considered it as worthy since the dim sum were of better quality and you get to eat in a comfortable air conditioned place, so why not?

Location: Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur is at Jalan Sultan Ismail intersecting Jalan Tun Razak, just a few meters away from Concorde.

Renaissance Hotel


  1. ahhh...glad to read your now i know what to expect there..goin this weekend maybe still in choosing which restaurant to dine for tim sum

  2. Taufulou, enjoy your meal... if you happen to find other good dimsum buffet, let me know ya!

  3. HI,Leezy here. Do you have the contact number of this restauran?

    my email is

    btw, thank for posting this. I've been looking for reasonable price of dimsum buffet centuries ago.

  4. Hi Leezy, the contact number for Dynasty Restaurant is +603 2162 2233 but I'm not sure whether they still hold this promotion or not.